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    Pre-election thoughts

    I think we've moved into a new era. An era where communications and media drive collaborative work instead of competitive. I see it everywhere I turn my attention to.

    Information related to the political process is washing over me from my Facebook feed. The only way I can avoid it is to disconnect from social media for three weeks, but I don't want to. Younger candidates are using social media to spread information and to refute lies and half-truths which are still common in campaigns.

    I just saw this - Stav Shaffir, a young candidate which will probably become a minister in less than a month, has just participated in a highschool debate and presented information on govt policy. The minister responsible for this policy told her she's wrong and that she's too young and that he won't embarass her in front of everyone.

    While that exchange took place, the highschool kids looked it up on Google using their mobile phones, and told him he's wrong.

    As information becomes more pervasive, it's going to be harder to lie to us. It's going to be easier to share the truth and cut through the lies used to control us and twist our perception of what's real and right.

    I think the next four years will be terrible here, but, there's still hope for the next election.

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