Hi, I'm a member of the Syndu founders' team. I like cats, web, reading science fiction novels and making them come true.

I'm helping people achieve their dreams as entrepreneurs, and that's why I'm building the Syndu Machines.

    I should go back to editing Integral Marketing.
    I should go back to editing Integral Marketing.

    When we come to solve a problem using just one skillset, we may face a problem.

    When consulting an expert, it's imperative that they will specialize in what they do. Unfortunately, some experts, a shining beacon to their profession, are completely oblivious to the tools available in another discipline.

    As Abraham Maslow said, having just a hammer in your toolbox means that you might treat everything as a nail.

    The same symptoms described in corporate-verse  (read more here), appear in the domain of small businesses in a slightly different form. Small business hire numerous experts to succeed; The first expert does branding and graphics, the second expert builds the website, the third specializes in Facebook page management, the fourth helps them rank higher in search engine results; each of these experts operate on their own, often at different points in time, leaving the small business owner to coordinate and manage specialists, while lacking the understanding and know-how.

    The solution to these problems is twofold - to educate and create better tools.

    In the past two months I put a lot of emphasis on the tech tools; It's time to give the Integral Marketing book some loving.

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