Hi, I'm a member of the Syndu founders' team. I like cats, web, reading science fiction novels and making them come true.

I'm helping people achieve their dreams as entrepreneurs, and that's why I'm building the Syndu Machines.

    Just like planting trees
    Just like planting trees

    I saw this short animated film this morning and was deeply moved.

    The video is a story about a man who planted trees during the first few decades of the previous century. He transformed a barren landscape into a thriving forest, single handedly. His actions were described in a book, who inspired others to do the same, in India, Mongolia and Africa. More than 100 million trees were planted.

    Trees are a presence of goodness in the world. They are a house for living things. They rebuild topsoil and retain water in the ground, helping form fountains and streams. Trees clean the air from pollution. And in such an environment, people can thrive.

    There's a tremendous power in investing our efforts and focus in doing something we care about. We're practically a force of nature on our own.

    I hope that consistently putting our backs, day after day, into our own project, Syndu, will help it to grow into a forest on the web.

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