Hi, I'm a member of the Syndu founders' team. I like cats, web, reading science fiction novels and making them come true.

I'm helping people achieve their dreams as entrepreneurs, and that's why I'm building the Syndu Machines.

    A better web presence through easier storytelling.
    A better web presence through easier storytelling.

    Blogging is the best way to increase presence on the web. Stories are the expression of our values, the same values that connect us to other people and help us grow and thrive. You can find out who I am, based on the stories I choose to tell (and share).

    When I started blogging a few months ago I felt like most of the work I was doing involved copying links around, instead of writing.

    I used Google Reader to find inspiring articles

    Then I sent the links to these articles to myself so I can remember about them.

    I wrote a story, and used multiple tabs to switch back and forth between the original articles and my version.

    Then I used Buffer to post it to Facebook.

    Blogging just took too many tools to make something quite trivial happen.

    I heard from my tech friends about crazy solutions they set up to solve this publishing nightmare, using IFTTT and other tools. 

    This lack of integration wastes so much time, and it's really manual, stupid and annoying labor. It makes people deal with tools instead of focusing on creating content.

    There had to be a better way, a more streamlined way. When I went to look for one, it turned out there just isn't, and everyone invents their own wheels.

    So the Syndu team set out to build an integrated solution on top of Syndu Voice. An RSS reader called "Feed" through which I can view my articles (you can see it in the attached image below), that knows how to talk to the Queue as well.

    Since yesterday, the way I write stories has become simpler. I read them in my feed, and whatever catches my eye becomes a story. When I write my story, I see the original article on the same screen. I save my stories to Syndu's Queue, which publishes them automtically based on schedules I create.

    There are short stories (which only go to my facebook page, without appearing on my blog) or full length stories (such as this) which appear on my blog, as well as my FB page. It's a whole different experience.

    Making story-telling easier on the web is another Syndu contribution to a better web-presence.

    • Syndu Feed: The dog chow I'm eating these days
      Photos come from "inc.com" (part of my reading list)
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