Hi, I'm a member of the Syndu founders' team. I like cats, web, reading science fiction novels and making them come true.

I'm helping people achieve their dreams as entrepreneurs, and that's why I'm building the Syndu Machines.

    On Listening to Nuances

    I have often made the mistake of listening to someone talk from start to finish. It's something I want to improve in my relationships with others.

    I guess that's why whenever I meet this behaviour in others, I react so negatively.

    Seth Godin writes a beatiful piece on paying attention to nuances. He claims that the only way to be utterly precise is to listen to every little nuance. The only way to listen to these nuances is to stop expecting the three slides deck, the elevator pitch, the simple 5 minutes overview, the 140 characters punchline.

    When we listen to nuances, we get to see the person who's speaking. That's surely another win.

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