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    LinkedIn increases traffic while reducing trust

    LinkedIn is attempting to drive more traffic back into the site, and to do so it's adding new "viral" features such as endorsements and surveys.

    It seems to me that these features are bad - they increase the ratio noise over quality signals, and reduce the overall trust factor of the information on the site.

    For example, let's take the endorsements feature. People with whom I worked have endorsed skills I have, but never employed in their presence. People with whom I haven't worked but are acquaintances of mine, endorsed work skills I haven't demonstrated to them.

    The reason for these endorsements is a badly designed feature which plays on people's generousity - and the result is endorsements I can't really trust on other people's profiles.

    The photo attached to this post is an email I just got at 3:00 am, Friday night. It's unlikely that it was sent by a real person. The text of the message makes it clear that it wasn't, since it's not a person who ever spoke to me personally.

    A site that thrives on networking should really focus on increasing trust between people, not reducing it.

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